[snake] Dorothy chilled, I held her.

[snake] Dorothy chilled, I held her.

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Yes, I was supposed to wait before I held her.
It's not my fault; she started it.

More accurate length estimate is 21".

When I got home she was out exploring, climbing up the (temperature and humidity) dials. This alone was exciting because I was sure she'd be in her hide box.

I took the lid off and just watched her for what must have been an hour. I put my hand in the tub a little to get her more used to my presence. I touched her gently a couple times, keeping out of striking range.

I tried to pick her up gently, but she was holding onto those dials impressively.

I left her alone and she wandered around the tub more. I went back to the sofa and ate with [info]cathijosephine after some coaxing.

The second time she tried to climb out of the tub while we were on the sofa, I waited until the majority of her weight was over the edge, then walked over to her and waited. She got tired of holding all that weight up, coiled. I put my hand under her, palm down, and she lowered onto it.

[info]cathijosephine's guess is that I held her for 20 minutes. It went really great. She was climbing all through my fingers, and clearly learning more coordination in the process. No problems.

I am so happy with her.

She is so different from mammals.

She didn't even open her mouth at me, let alone hiss, since this morning.

Comments about Dorothy by [info]cathijosephine:
"Oh no. Now I can never leave you."
"I was mesmerized. It's not my fault she's amazing."
  • Oh, yay! That makes me miss Rajah. I may need to follow in your footsteps.
  • snakes are very keen. she is very pretty. i should meet her sometime :)

    snake and brunettes. my weakenessessess :)

    oh, yeah, i should see harry potter soon.

  • Dorothy seems like a nice snake, when I meet her I'd like to try to get over my irrationally huge fear of snakes. (Well, not just snakes, also anything else that moves somewhat like a snake. Even encountering an earthworm makes me freeze in fear then run away in a cold sweat.)
    • She is. She is still a little unsure and occasionally coils so she could strike if she felt like it, but I think she'll be pretty harmless in a couple weeks.
  • Mmmmm. Snakey goodness! I am very jealous. They are wonderful companions and I am sure you are going to enjoy her for a long time to come!
  • I just got a chance to look at the photos. She's beautiful. I can't wait to meet her.
  • ooooooh, i can't wait to meet her!
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