[snake] Dorothy just got home!

[snake] Dorothy just got home!

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I am extremely pleased with how pretty she is. I've seen lots of pictures of boas, and her saddles are bright and very well aligned, her background is light, and her spots are well defined. Prettier than the initial photo I saw that made me need one.

Father: Tudehope DW line male named Mack.
Mother: Farmed female named Tiny. (wild conceived, captive born, yay outbreeding)
Born: 2007-05-24
Delivered: 2007-07-12

I've been waiting for her to be ready to ship since she was born. The delay was uncooperative feeding, but really not that much. And it was never a concern.

Every time she exhaled from the time I opened her package till well after she was in her cage was a loud hiss.
I was expecting to at least pick her up to put her in her new cage, but she was scary :P
[info]cathijosephine offered to pick her up for me so I didn't get bit. She is totally less scared of Dorothy than I am.

Intellectually I'm fine with her biting me, and have been fully expecting it. I know she's not big enough to send me to the ER. But for her size she is impressively menacing. I am assured she's not big enough to even break skin.

She calmed down a lot after we shut her cage and walked away. She wandered around the cage a little, and even closed her mouth.

I'm not supposed to handle her until Saturday. I don't know if I can wait.
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