[snake] My snake!

[snake] My snake!

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Paid for but not shipped. This is her:

More pics of the litter: http://www.redtailboas.com/forum/showthread.php?t=30323

She didn't take her first meal so I'll have to wait a longer eternity for her to eat two meals before I get her. Maybe a couple weeks.

My decision process:
5/14: In response to supercheesegirl's post I started looking at pets, and was thinking it could be fun to get a guinea pig / chinchilla / scorpion / tarantula / snake...
5/15: Decided on a snake.
5/21: Damn near put a deposit down on a snow corn from Kathy Love. Strongly recommend her, hate her website.
5/24: Decided compromising on a smaller snake in fear of my next move was a bad idea, decided to get an anerythristic boa (a morph with no red).
5/24: Dorothy was born.
5/25: Decided I wanted a normal instead of a morph to avoid inbreeding.
5/26: Decided I wanted a Surinam (country north of Brazil) locality normal.
5/30: Found a breeder of Surinams who just had babies. More difficult than I expected.
6/05: Post-shed pictures and prices went online, I paid for my baby.
7/12: Dorothy was delivered.

Please ask questions. While this has only been a three week period, it has been one of obsessive research. Please assume that I have thought things through thoroughly and have strong opinions behind every related detail, it should make things go quicker.
  • Congratulations! I can't wait to meet her!
  • Awwww! She’s a cutie! I look forward to meeting her!
  • Now all you need are several badgers and two mushrooms.

  • Pretty!
  • I realize this is probably going to sound odd. But oh well...

    Aaaaaaaaaaaah so very very cute! I want one right now. But my roommate says ABSOLUTELY NOT YOU WILL BE SLEEPING IN THE SHED. She is a fan of hedgehogs though.

    Eeeheehee lookit her trying to be fierce with her little mouth!
  • Yay! New baby! She is beautiful! Congratulations! I can't wait to meet her!

    In other news - sorry I missed last Sat. I had people in from Austin TX staying with me. Hope to make it one of these days.
  • oooh, so pretty.

    One of my first roommates had 3 pet snakes. A ball python, something else, and a baby garden snake she rescued from the middle of the road. They were great pets - really wonderful to have around. I hope your baby is as much fun to have as they were.

    As to questions: How big is she likely to get? What is special about a boa from Surianame?

    • Thank you.

      She's likely to get about 8'.

      I kept noticing in boa galleries that suris were consistently catching my eye, then I noticed people talking about how they were the prettiest of the normals.

      Along with that, they're more likely to die from regurgitation syndrome, so they're not recommended for newbies. But I've managed to convince several seemingly clueful people that I have sufficiently obsessively researched the issue. It's mostly due to over-feeding.
  • that's cool that you got a snake, hope it works out!
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