Bomb scare on the block I'm in.

Bomb scare on the block I'm in.

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This street in southeast Cambridge is blocked of by police due to a bomb scare. Sounds like some of Main St. is blocked off as well. This area is impossible to navigate on a good day.

In Greater Boston, land of the Lite Bright scandal and the detonation of a a traffic meeter which was a threat to public safety.

What do you think the bomb squad will blow up this time?
  • Someone left the lid off a trash can?
  • ooh, ooh, is it a traffic cone? I've got a shiny nickel on a traffic cone!
  • Those manhole covers are really the tops of underground bombs. There are thousands of them!
  • A baby. They will then arrest the baby's parents for creating a malicious device.

    To be fair, the baby was ticking.
  • You know, Mass is sort of famous for its paranoia and uh, killing first and asking questions later tactics. Witch trials were possibly due to ergot molds found in rye grains. Is there a new bakery chain in town? ;-)
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