[snake] This, my friends, is a chondro / green tree python.

[snake] This, my friends, is a chondro / green tree python.

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This is not what I'm getting. For my first serious snake. They're more complicated.

Unfortunately they don't stay this bright as they grow. And those kind of results take a lot of... breeding.
  • One of my friends in college had a serious, serious herp fixation. He amssed ahout 50 different snakes and amphibians, including several Burmese and a pair of Macklotts pythons, both of which get rather large and in the case of the Macklots, are not the easiest herps to make friendly.

    Have you looked at Jungle Carpet pythons? They get to be a decent size but not huge and they're amazingly beautiful and pretty docile. Look them up if you haven't. And for something domestic but cool, what about Northern Pine snakes? They're a colubrid (I think) and they're native to North America but they get to be about 5 feet long and have decent girth.

    I inherited a ball python from a friend of my ex-girlfriend's and have had her for years :) I had a Kenyan sand boa quite a while ago too. Which reminds me, sand boas are extremely pretty and stay small. They need it *really* warm though, even compared to most other herps.
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