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16:43 <+Darxus> there was a profound point in my life where I realized "I can buy a whole *bag* of york peperment patties and eat them and nobody can stop me." I'm feeling like I'm reacting similarly to herps right now :/
16:43 <@Josh> you are
16:43 <@Josh> it's the way of our people

There is a pervasive opinion that they are like pringles.

14:58 <+Darxus> chondrogal: how many snakes do you have?
14:58 <+chondrogal> 80 something

10:47 <+Ameivaboy> I think you'll be alright, you're doing things right by massively researching first
10:47 <+Ameivaboy> hell... it's nice to see

  • Having snakes can be a fabulous experience. At the most, I had 6. However, the care and feeding of them can be all consuming. Stick to breeds that don't get too large. My last and favorite best friend snake was a burmese python. At 13 feet and 30-something pounds I had to give her away. She was getting too strong for me to handly safely on my own, and at the time I had moved home with the folks for a few years, and she was giving my poor Mom nightmares. Since neither parent was willing to handle her without me around, it was a potenitally dangerous situation for both parents and snake if something were to go wrong. She and I had been together since she was little enough to ride in my shirt pocket. She would ride on my shoulders and around my waist when I was on the bike, and for the most part, when I was home, she ran free in my room and often choose to either sleep at my feet or curled under my pillow or under my chin.

    If I chose to get another snake again, I would choose a breed whose full grown size isn't 20+ feet. It was sad to give her up. Unfortunetly, since I actually want my Mom to come and visit, no snake for me. Maybe some day. I'm currently fascinated by green tree pythons, a rather notorious breed, but extremely beautiful and also on the restricted list. To be well tamed young snake require lots of handing, and you should take your fingerling with you as many places as you can to help it get adjusted to you and other people. At least that was what worked for me and mine. :-)

    I miss Satin, I hope she's happy now. She was a very cool critter to have around.
    • Yeah, I have no intentions of getting a burmese for those reasons. Where did she end up?

      Green tree pythons are pretty neat. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up being my first fall from my goal of only having one herp. Really intense color changes as they grow.
      • Satin ended up with a fairly reputable area breeder; I spent months trying to place her. The guys loved her and couldn't believe how friendly she was. Case in point, while I was there, some other assholes brought in a snake they were dumping that was sick, mean and full of mites. A beautiful albino berm too. Very sad that the snakes was in the condition it was. The breeders took their snake but refused to sell them another.

        IIRC, it is illegal to own GTP in Mass without a specific permit. I don't think they are on the endangered species list, but they are threatened, maybe? I forget what the politics are. I do remember being annoyed when I was doing some research that it is really hard to find a breeder around here and you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get one, unless of course you want to go through less than proper channels.

        But who knows, I've not looked at it all that recently and it may well be different (or I have it completely wrong or something).

        If you get a GTP, I'm going to be green with envy for sure, and you'll have to let me come play with it before it matures and starts sporting attitude. AIUI, they are difficult to handle when they mature because they simply don't want to be handled. I can't blame them, I don't like to be handled without permission either. ;-)
        • Yeah, the two big reasons I'm planning to start with a boa instead of a chondro is boas are way better for handling and get bigger.
      • I will die of happy if you get a green tree python.
  • Pretty snake. I wish I could get my hands on a piebold small b all python.
    • NERD (New England Reptile) seems to be a good source for those. Some people get grumpy about the amount of inbreeding that NERD does, but it's somewhat necessary for breeding morphs.

      Ah, first bread by Peter Kahl, damn he's done a lot.
  • Silly question, perhaps. Having seen your icon in the discussion of the cobra/baby comment on the Overheard in the Office thing, you look really familiar. Do you perhaps know M'ia (known for being a divine gift to all and sundry who enjoy eating bread) of Putney, Vermont? You are/remind-me-a-lot-of a friend of hers...
    • Don't think so. Should I? I live near Boston.
      • ....huh. Then color me very impressed by the Universe's sense of humor. The thing that tipped me off is that you and Eric both have similar eyes, but the clincher, I thought, was the exact same hair color, length and curliness. When I saw polyamory on your list of interests, I was pretty much sure, as he's poly (as far as my recollection takes me; I only met him once when he visited my college for Queer Homecoming.)

        Sorry for the pestering; the likeness is simply remarkable.
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