new lens / fish tank photo

new lens / fish tank photo

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I haven't uploaded a shot of my fish tank since February 2005, so here is an update:

[info]mangosteen was raving about 50mm f/1.8 lenses, I've been drooling over shallow depth of field images and fast lenses as long as I understood them (which hasn't been very long). And this one is relatively very cheap. And everybody else raves about them too. So I decided to pick one up to use on [info]cathijosephine's camera which I've been using a lot until I decide if I want a Pentax or a Nikon.

This lens rocks. I haven't ever been able to get pictures of my fish anywhere near as good, and the improvement is similar for closeups. Adapting to a prime (non-zoom) lens hasn't been hard so far.

Although I've been starting to consider giving in to Canon just because of the ability to swap parts with every damn DSLR owner I know (including [info]cathijosephine).
  • canon has the "buy in" a lot with a majority of people we know... it's not necessarily the best choice sometimes, but it's a choice...

    i am poised between canon and pentax, but it's a "canon has the lenses, RIGHT NOW, but not the body i think i want" and "pentax has a nice body, but not the lenses"

    thus far, canon has been very slow to release a new body in he 10/20/30D lineup... the 5's and 1's are very nice, but pricey - sooner or later though, well, one might have to do it.

    a guy at work bought an 400D/XTI and is buying L glass as fast as he can afford it. he'll buy a better body later.

  • Is your tank water always that clear?

    I've given up on my tank after I lost all of the fish I had in there after that last attempt. I'm not an idiot, I understand the cycle, I just don't get what the fuck I'm doing wrong. I just need a break from it until I find someone with a noodle I can bug.
    • Yes. And I almost never rinse out my filter pads, and have never replaced them. I just slit them open to dump out the carbon. I've probably rinsed one of the two pads once or twice since I moved a few months ago. I do try to vacuum a section of the gravel regularly, along with a water change, but I've been slacking on that.
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