One terabyte hard drives are out.

One terabyte hard drives are out.

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$600 + shipping.

UPDATE: Possibly longer lasting url:
  • "Limit 1 per customer."

    Darn. I was hoping to buy enough to store my copy of the Library of Congress.
    • Huh, I'm actually surprised that it wouldn't fit on 1tb. It probably would compressed.

      10 Terabytes: The printed collection of the US Library of Congress 1024)
      100 Petabytes: All printed material
      1 Exabytes: All words ever spoken by human beings.
      1 Yottabyte: Everything that there is
      - http://www.uplink.freeuk.com/data.html
  • daaaaaaamn.
  • I just recently saw some for $400... maybe gizmag?
    • Yeah I just read in a comment on newegg that newegg is selling them at $200 over msrp because nobody can get them.
  • Wow nice. I'll wait a bit til I can afford a pair of externals (mirroring).
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