[running] barefoot run #1

[running] barefoot run #1

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I aimed for 15 minutes and did 4.5. This is, not surprisingly, going to take some gradual adaptation. I currently have no plans to run in shoes again.

My plan had been to do more elliptical / treadmill at the gym yesterday morning, but the weather sucked a lot. So I decided to try running barefoot for a short time last night. I feel like I could have gotten a lot farther if I didn't walk through all the grit on the way to the bike trail. I could have pushed myself a lot farther but I'm currently interested in not breaking things. It was also suboptimal doing it at night, not being able to see the rocks and branches.

[info]cathijosephine asked what the soles of my feet communicated to me that they hadn't through my sneakers. The answer was so obvious (and expected) that I had difficulty answering: "Don't land on your heels."

Then I jumped rope for 10 minutes, an excellent exercise. Last time, and first time I seriously tried that I went half an hour and ended up with a really nasty calf cramp for 4-5 days. [info]cathijosephine helped a lot with massaging.

Iced my knee like I was told afterward, and no problems with anything so far.
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