hate: Wainwright Bank and N-star

hate: Wainwright Bank and N-star

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A few months ago I scheduled my automatic rent payment to stop when I was done owing rent on my old lease. About a month ago I logged in to verify it stopped. It hadn't. They sent an extra rent check. Also, coincidentally, the bill payment website changed significantly. I called my landlord, he agreed to tear it up, but the money gets taken out of my account when the automatic check is written. I called my bank (Wainwright) and yelled at them. They told me to go through the thing to cancel the check online, and they'd refund the cost of the check cancellation. About two days later the money was back in my account, and I hadn't been billed for the cancellation. I had some very slight doubt about it being their fault.

I got a call from somebody else I pay through my bank's automatic bill payment today. I underpaid this month. I said wait, didn't this go up recently? And I thought I already dealt with that. They said yup, last couple months I paid the right amount, but this month my payment reverted to the old, lower amount. I was very confused. Then I was furious, again.

Yesterday I filled out the online form to transfer my Nstar (electric) account from my old apartment to my new house (in the same zip code) today. When I got home today my power was off. At 7:35pm I called Nstar. At 8:30 a guy was at my house to look at it. At 8:35 my power was back on. "I dunno, there was a fuckup in the shutoff and turn on or something." They shut the power off in my landlord's name and just neglected to turn it back on in mine.
  • This is why I don't use automatic payments on anything where I'm not forced to. I'd give up convenience to make sure I don't have any weird problems.

    Though I suspect I'm in a minority with that view.
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