[fitness] daily target weight calculator

[fitness] daily target weight calculator

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Enter your current and target weight, and it will give you daily goals until your target.
I would appreciate feedback / testing.
I have found these daily goals much easier to work with than aiming directly for the final goal and completely failing to maintain a constant / healthy rate of weight loss.
There are other fitness related calculators in that area of my site.
  • 1% versus 2 pounds.

    I heard that 1% of your body weight is the correct maximum amount of weight to lose per week. And that just happens to stick around 2lbs. But when you're exceptionally heavy, it's nice to think you can lose somemore and when you're lighter it takes more work to get rid of less weight.
    • Re: 1% versus 2 pounds.

      I really like that idea, and it matches what I've heard of lighter people using a target of 1 pound per week, but the only related reference I've been able to find is a regulation not allowing wrestling coaches to make their teams lose more than 1.5% weight per week. Got any links?
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