[geek] linode - panic.chaosreigns.com

[geek] linode - panic.chaosreigns.com

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I have a new server, panic.chaosreigns.com. It is a virtual server hosted by linode.com. It is a User Mode Linux instance on a big server hosting several others like it. Neat concept. Good prices, and I get full root access to the (virtual) machine, and I'm not responsible for the hardware. And installing an operating system only takes a few clicks of the gui, with a selection of nine Linux distributions. Very nice interface.

Xen is a more advanced but possibly less stable alternative to UML.

The server I've been using for four years, serenity.chaosreigns.com, was one of ten that were purchased by friends, used, with freeme.com badging. It has been showing signs of weariness as its siblings have been dieing off (scsi controller errors, one cpu death by fan failure).

I get a $20 referral credit if you sign up via this url: http://www.linode.com/?r=3ebcceec7da43d5693fddb0bcf233e5fc9bd70fe
  • How responsive would you say it was in comparison to your old server?
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