wow, installing linux is easy

wow, installing linux is easy

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I downloaded a cdrom image of Ubuntu Linux, burned it to cd, booted off of it, and was literally immediately running a fully functional linux box (booted off of the cd) with a little "install" icon on the desktop. While installing I checked my email, chatted, and browsed the web with firefox.

I basically just hit go, told it to have its way with my new hard drive, and it was all magic. Even included Windows XP entry in my new boot menu which works. When I did this the first time it was hard to get Linux to talk to your sound card, video card, and the internet. Now it does all that in the freaking installer just because it can.

If you would like me to burn you a cd so you can see it for yourself let me know. You may even be able to talk me into holding your hand through it. For my first install I had two friends come over with a cdrom drive and cdrom drive controller.

Ubuntu is based on Debian, which I've been very fond of for years, but their release cycle is quite unacceptable. Plus Ubuntu has all this superfluous usability that really I don't mind these days. I did my time as a "must compile everything from source (manually, since you can even get that automated these days) console jockey. I highly recommend Ubuntu for the desktop for any non-geek or veteran (unless you have specific windows programs you need to run). The install took half an hour, mostly waiting for files to copy (while checking my email and playing minesweeper).

Ack, I just clicked system / preferences / screen resolution / 1600x1200 85hz / apply... and it.. switched... without restarting anything. This could take some getting used to.

root@dancer:~# df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1 453G 1.9G 428G 1% /
  • Ubuntu rocks. My server is still running Slackware, but as soon as I have a solid stretch of time to sit down and migrate everything over, I’m switching it to Ubuntu. My desktop Linux machine has been Ubuntu for a while.

    Did you install Dapper (6.06) or Edgy (6.10)? (Just curious. I’m probably going to stick with Dapper for now.)
    • I installed edgy (6.10) - just grabbed the .iso via bittorrent today. I love seeing official support for bittorrent spreading.

      Not sure how I feel about putting ubuntu on my server. Although it's nice I'm in no rush to migrate from debian stable. Although debian stable is way closer to ubuntu than slackware :)
  • You should install all the super pretty ogl based wm stuff.
    I'm running beryl right now and love it.
    Real window transparency, lots of special effects and even an expose clone.
    If you haven't add automatix to your source list and run that and It will install everything from opera, adobe flash, realplayer and mplayer + win codecs.
    • Thank you, those sound like things I definitely need to do, and was not aware of.
  • Welcome to the Ubuntu clan! It took me a while, but I have now migrated to Ubuntu and I had the same experience you did, it all just installs and works, and most of the arcane hacking lore I have built up for installing Linux is obsolete (and I'm happy for it!) ... there are still some odds and ends, mostly getting X to use the full capability of display and HIDs, but it's so much easier now. Two thumbs up for Ubuntu.
    • Yeah I was disappointed that full 3D support didn't happen magically. I figure that's because the drivers aren't opensourced. So I had to tell synaptic that I also wanted to use the restricted repository, install the linux-restricted-modules package corresponding to my kernel, and change "nv" to "nvidia" in my /etc/X11/xorg.conf, but that was all, and it was fairly well documented on the first google hit for "site:ubuntu.com nvidia".
  • Yeah, Ubuntu is easier to install and get running than Windows these days.

    I've been considering replacing Debian on my desktop with Ubuntu (I run Ubuntu on my laptop already). I guess the only real reason I'm holding off is that I still maintain a Debian package and need a Debian machine around for that. What a terrible reason, we have 12 computers, one can be a spare Debian packaging/development box...
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