[bike] my first lowside!

[bike] my first lowside!

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That crash was way too much fun

My only injury is a tiny bit of rash and bruise on my left forearm that you probably wouldn't find if I didn't point.

The only parts that need replacing are the left foot peg and its bracket. The footpeg can still be used but it's a bit shorter than it was, and race footpegs start out short.

I took my SV650 again. This was the first time I rode up (instead of getting trailored), and also my first time with the low race clipons (instead of high handlebars).

My first session out I had an instructor following me to watch me and give me feedback. I was really excited with the progress I've made in my riding (figuring out how not to excessively clutch, keeping it in 3rd gear the whole time). Today was also the first time I did a couple passes, which felt wonderful. Then I took turn 11 wide resulting in completely failing turn 12 (the chicanes). I ended up in the grass. That was kind of fun. Pulled up to the starting line on the pit road, and the guy with the flag asked me if I was okay, I said yeah, asked if I'd just had a brief offroad excursion, then patted me on my back and sent me on my way. After that session all the instructor who had following me had to say was congradulations on keeping it shiny side up through the grass, he seemed impressed.

Then in a later session I was following a couple people around the track, and coming out of turn 12 onto the front straight I combined a little too much lean, a little too much throttle, too little hanging off, and a bump, and spun the rear wheel out behind me. "Woohoo, I'm sliding sideways on the pavement, that's pretty cool. Hey there's my bike spinning past me. Hmm, now I'm rolling down the pavement. That's not too bad either." Stood up (the ground had actually stopped, I'm disapointed), ran over to my bike and hit the kill switch. Then I looked around for somebody telling me I'm a dumbass, get off the track or, something. Nope. Stood my bike up. Still nothing. Rolled my bike across the track to some grass.

The person in the ambulance met me there, asked me how I was doing. I said I believed I was doing pretty good, only a slight rub on my left forearm. She said she was concerned about my butt because she saw me sliding on it. There's a hole through one layer of my aerstich roadcrafter there, and no injury. The forearm did grind through everything but (it seems) the liner, in one small spot, which is a little strange - and corresponds to my tiny rash and bruise.

The woodcraft footpeg bracket bent enough to crack pretty badly, apparently as the bike was sliding backwards. The footpeg ground down at least a centimeter. The motosliders frame sliders did a wonderful job, no damage to the tank or frame. Several little bits ground down a little: bar end, blinker, clutch lever end, kickstand, rear footpeg bracket, rear bodywork, spool, and of course the frame slider.

The guy who had been following me when I went romping in the grass earlier was wonderful enough to lend me a footpeg bracket so I could ride the rest of the day including getting home.

I skipped the next session, not because I felt like I needed to, but because it felt like the not stupid thing to do. I would say I was relatively calm through my crash - excited sure, but I never ended up shaky from adrenaline or anything. I went out on the last session - that instructor offered to ride with me, but I said no thanks, I was just going to take that one easy. And I did, and... motorcycles freaking rock.

Before today I had been having difficulty not getting close to the limits - not pushing myself to go fast enough. I figured if I pushed gradually I'd eventually notice a bit of instability and be able to stop pushing (well, adapt and push more). So I'm kind of disapointed at how sudden I went over the limits even under ideal conditions.

Another great part of this experience was getting the ambulance lady to agree that if you never crash you aren't going fast enough :)

Now I feel like I've pushed hard enough.
  • Don't scare me like that! I saw "crash" and was like, nooooooo! He'd better not be posting from the hospital!

    Glad to hear that you are fine (poor Aerostitch, but that's what it's for, right?) and that it was not a particularly painful learning experience. Sounds like it might even have been worthwhile. :)
    • Sorry, I also hate that kind of suspense. I figured saying outside of the cut that it was just fun would have been enough. Fixed the cut.

      The Aerostich will be sent back to its maker for repairs. Yes, that's what it's for (although I should get proper racing leathers). And yes, it was totally worthwhile.
  • good deal on the shiny side up part :)

  • Glad you're not hurt.
  • Good to hear you're OK.
  • That was the best (least worry-inducing) crash story ever! Hurray!

  • Sounds like a nice little lowside...
    Glad you came out reletively unscathed...
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