[geek] debian sucks

[geek] debian sucks

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# aptitude -f install
Resolving dependencies...
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.No solution found within the allotted time. Try harder? [Y/n]

Not acceptable. No, I still haven't switched to Ubuntu.
  • Seems to me they're just setting a timer to avoid an infinite loop. What happens when you say yes?
    • It keeps going, because it is in an infinite loop.
      • Testing? Unstable?
        • Testing. I did end up getting it straightened out by manually uninstalling the packages with unmet dependencies. During the dist-upgrade process I got a screen telling me that lots of people had problems with X being uninstalled and I should make sure to manually reinstall the main X server package.
          • Teting

            Well Lenny IS testing. Iäm sure it will all be fixed when Lenny is released. If you try to upgrade to testing or unstable then you just need to understand that you are upgrading to development version which is not ready yet.
            • Re: Teting

              Yeah but Debian's release cycle sucks.

              That was two years ago.

              Ubuntu has been great.
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