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They look easy to ride, don't they?


This is what the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Beginner Rider Course is for.

"I think the percentage of us that nearly get killed and hop right back on as soon as we are able tells us that the only thing those that got killed are upset about is that they aren't able to ride any more." - evan712, 7/6/2006
  • O.M.F.G.

    "Oh look! A tree! Gee I hope I don't hit it! It's getting closer! Oh, man, would you look at that tree? It's a tree! AAAH! I'M HITTING A TREE!"

    The guy in that vid is a complete knob. I hope he gets sh!t for that, for the rest of his life. However short it is, if he keeps trying to ride a motorcycle in shorts & tank-tops.

    • And. If there are no motorcycles in heaven I'm totally not going.
    • And did you hear the panic-tightening of the throttle into the open position? Yep, someone's wrist was at the wrong angle...
  • That's a classic target fixation moment right there. I think I've even seen it before :).
  • Wow, learning to ride while wearing shorts and a tank top. Talk about pass/fail....
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