survived my first track day

survived my first track day

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SV @ LP '05
Yesterday I finally got to my first track day. It was hosted by Bikeworx and Moto Market, both shops I am fond of.

Modern motorcycle street tires are magic. My brain had great difficulty accepting the possibility of surviving the lean angles I was seeing.. and experiencing. I wish I had done this last year, before I had developed my concepts of what is possible as much.

I took my SV, since it is just about ideal for the track (reasonably powerful, but more importantly light). Paul, another Blackbird rider, asked me where mine was. Hah. That thing is huge and insanely powerful. Although he could do way more on his Blackbird than I could on my SV.

I'm now far more confident in my riding, and ability to handle problems. And continuing to remind myself that over-confidence kills - but knowing my limits are farther out in optimal conditions helps.

I'm hoping to get to another one by the same people on 9/25/06, and two by Team Daemon on 8/16/06 and maybe 6/20/06.


I also took the opportunity (being in New Hampshire) to ride 15 miles with no helmet, only gloves and sunglasses. It was very nice. And a little gritty.
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