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That was one of the better drum circles I've been to. Music feels good. The dancing was nice.

One of the things that's sung is:
Sing through my voice
Play through my hands
Let the way be open
It is good. So is the rhythm Fanga.

Wearing a djembe on my back while riding a motorcycle works fine.

Picked up a microwave, thanks very much to [info]nchanter for transporting it.

Ran two miles again, faster.
  • Have you considered taking a road trip out to Sherman, New York near Lake Chautaqua (30 minutes from Erie, PA) for the Annual Starwood Festival? July 18th through the 23rd?
  • A: I need to get my djembe repaired.

    B: I hear that song once a year at Stones' Rising . . .

    Or, at least once a year . . . they tend sing it a number of times.
    about 200 people singing that, with a well directed choir leading . . .
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