the results of improper chain maintenance

the results of improper chain maintenance

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SV in woods
Yesterday I was asking people what chain and sprockets I should get for my bike, and where.

This morning it broke:
(I apolagize for taking this picture locked on iso 400.)

I am okay, there was no further damage, no drop, and it happened in my driveway. I am very thankful.

As I started to pull forward, I felt some resistance. A lot of resistance. And my bike wasn't going. Then there was a pop. I got off my bike, looked at the chain, didn't see anything. Tried again, similar effect. I got off and took this picture.

00:27 <Dezmo> I dont think an SV650 can break a chain
- 7/8/05

17:24 <Darxus> it squeeks
17:25 <Darxus> and is trying to sieze
17:25 <Darxus> I'm pretty sure I've blown o-rings
- yesterday

10:50 <CyronWK> wow it really broke!
- today

I started noticing squeaking that turned out to be my chain on 9/29/05. I strongly recommend changing a chain immediately at that point, because you're not likely to be so fortunate in the results.

I believe I heard someone say they had never seen a chain failure that wasn't due to someone installing a chain wrong. I am special.

This is what happens when you don't lube or clean your chain for your first year of ownership. I recommend buying a rear stand immediately when getting a bike that doesn't come with a center stand. I now have a pitbull race stand with suzuki spools, which makes the process a lot easier.

This is a 2000 SV650 with a little over 13,000 miles (got it with 8k).

This has given me an example of how [info]nchanter is so wonderful for me.
She and I have a date night scheduled tonight - nothing specific, just time to make sure we spend together.
Her first response was to tell me I should fix my bike tonight. Because she understands how good my bike is for my mood, and how bad for me it is to not be able to use my bike because it's broken.

But I've been thinking I should change the gearing on my bike for more torque. Stock is 15 teeth in the front and 45 in the rear. I was going to try 15/48. That... I probably won't be able to just pick up after work today. I'm interested in suggestions of online stores to order from, and specific items to order. I hate gold. I'm not interested in lightened parts, steel sounds good to me.

Fortunately this has not resulted in a mood crash so far. This may be indirectly related to having both [info]nchanter and [info]dahling willing to give me a ride to the T.

UPDATE: Ordered a chain and sprockets from Bikeworx. Picking them up saturday. RX or DID (depending on stock), 15/46, x-ring, riveted, black chain, steel sprockets, ~$200.
It rocks to have friends who know how to deal with this stuff and eagerly offer help and lend tools.
  • I'm sorry your bike broke, but it sounds like you're having a great day anyway.

  • Holy Crap, dude!!

    If you're a religious man, it's time to thank your Diety of Choice that your chain broke in your driveway.

    That could easily have screwed you up but good.
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