computer seems actually finished

computer seems actually finished

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I got my Nexus 120mm Real Silent case fan, in black and white, of course. I am so thankful that they started making something other than that horrible orange, I would've had to go with a different fan.

In addition to it being superior in airflow to noise ratio, it can be plugged into my motherboard, which includes Asus' Q-fan2, which dynamically controls the fan speed based on CPU temperature.

This makes it more useful to enable my Athlon 64 x2's Quiet 'n Cool feature (supported by my motherboard), which is dynamic underclocking so the cpu runs cooler when it's not being used.

I re-did the cpu ducting slightly. The duct tape just wasn't holding in place. I folded ears on the fan end of the (Lucky Charms box) duct, and stuck them between the fan and the case. Much more secure.

And then I actually peeled the protective plastic off the sides of the case and put it away, tucked in at the end of my sofa.

The noise from my computer is now completely drowned out by my fish tank two rooms away which needs to be topped off.
  • wow...
    When I looked at the pictures I didnt't realize you were hiding your loverly cpu cooler under a lucky charms box.
    Any plans to make a transparent duct for you cpu ?
    I find it ashame not go all out after you've done such a nice job with it.

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