spam is my bitch

spam is my bitch

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On an average day, 3,117.88 spams + viruses are sent to me.

1.60 are only caught by one of my spam filters so I feel a need to check for false positives.

0.27 make it to my inbox.

In order of decending wonderfulness:

Yes spamprobe is definitely better than spamassassin, and it's pure (multi-word) bayesian.

  • so every 4 days or so a spam makes it into your inbox?
  • Is greylisting something you can only do from the admin side?
    I know that my mail client has spamassassin, I'm not sure about greylisting. It sounds like a good approach though.
  • Ah, but what's your false positive rate?

    I recently went from roughly 0.5 to about 6, because I was geting roughly a 1 false positive rate -- one content-ful email in my junk folder per day -- which was awful. Now the false positive rate is indistinguishable from 0, but the false negatives are up to 6, above.
    • I basically don't get any.
    • its been over a year since i last checked my spam box for false positives. i think i just pretty much dont care anymore.
      • Yeah, that works until you get some service cancelled or have relatives threaten to disown you because you don't answer email. Some people consider email delivery guaranteed, and act that way; I've done my best to disabuse people of this notion, but it persists, and it's getting worse; many places are trying to sign me up for "email delivery only" of important documents, and I have to keep telling them NO.
        • i hear ya, and that worry is sometimes in the back of my mind.. but generally i am just too lazy :)
  • thanks again for your past quick setup guide type writings on stopping spam. using those three, i pretty much never get any crap anymore. or maybe someone got word that my junk doesn't need enlarging.
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