updated my gallery

updated my gallery

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For various reasons the main collection of pictures on my website has remained basically unaltered for something like two years. I just modified my gallery script to break things up by month, and uploaded some more recent pictures:


I am, as always, interested in all sorts of feedback. I expect the previous / next link code needs some updating, and need to be added to the month indexes.

If you're interested in some of the geeky details:
I continue to use a script of my own creation because I don't think the combination of features I want exists anywhere else:
  • consistent pixel resizing
  • number of thumbnail colums scales to screen width
  • completely statically rendered

The first two are pet peves of mine. Why would you display your thumbnails / images with different numbers of pixels just because they're oriented differently ? Explanation and simple code here: http://www.chaosreigns.com/code/thumbnail/
For the column scaling check out the html in the thumbnail indexes.

The gallery generation script is here: http://www.chaosreigns.com/code/gallery/

And if you end up implimenting my ideas elsewhere, I want credit :)

UPDATE: I believe the previous / next code is now working, please let me know if you have any problems.
  • Thinking of pictures, can I see the ones you took Saturday night?
    • I put the tamer ones up. The rest... I feel like I'd have to get lots of people's permission before distributing them at all.
    • If permission to distribute came flooding in of course I could then just add them to my gallery :)
  • consistent placement of movement links

    Can you arrange it so that the URLs for moving to the prior/next picture always appear in the same place? It's annoying to have to constantly adjust the mouse to reach the links.
    • Re: consistent placement of movement links

      That's actually what I was just laying in bed thinking about.
      I plan to, thanks.
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