ride report / I want an '05 Sprint ST

ride report / I want an '05 Sprint ST

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SV @ LP '05
Thursday I took [info]nchanter to pick up her new Rev'it Luna jacket at MotoMarket. While I was there I picked up a cramp-buster, which is a copy of a throttle rocker, but I think I like it more - it's a little longer and thinner. It made the following long weekend of riding much better. But I suspect I will keep it off except when I'm doing really long days because it kind of gets in the way for hard braking.

I left Arlington around noon, later than I meant to. I misread a suggestion to take 2W to 112N to VT100, and took 2W out to 100N (which is route 8 in No. Adams).

Route 100 was quite beautiful. But 7.5 hours was a bit much for me, and I was quite sore at the end.

But I do not regret running the notch for the first time in the dark. It was very nice. With the warnings of how suddenly the first curve comes on, and the "[squiggly] next 2 miles" and "no center lane" signs, I paid attention, slowed down, and thoroughly enjoyed the run with the road to my self. Way more than I did on Saturday in the daylight with all the cars.

Once I got there the hot tub was absolutely wonderful. And the pool was pretty warm.

Saturday I went looking for unpaved roads on my own. I found them. They were disappointingly... very smooth and firm. I found a couple very short bits of road that were more interesting - my favorite picture of the weekend was on Overlook road, which was nice and pebbly. It was fun going around a corner, already being pretty careful, sliding toward the outside edge, and realizing that pressing the inside bar more was going to lowside, and more brake was just going to lose traction. I made it through fine. I need to find more of that. Preferably more actual dirt.

I only rode for a couple hours, then headed back to the lodge. When I was nearly there, I spotted another sign (near the covered bridge) listing a road's weight limit, a good indication of more fun roads. So I attempted a u-turn while facing up hill, and failed.

This was the first time I dropped my bike while I was on it, well overdue (12.5 months after I bought my first bike). It was as gentle as I could possibly have asked for. The bike and I just laid down on our left side real gracefully, right on the double yellow. I don't think I would have gotten a scratch or a bruise if I'd wearing no gear. My (http://www.motosliders.com) frame sliders kicked ass. Not only did they prevent any damage to my bike (other than slight scratches to the bar end and back of the mirror), they kept my foot from getting pinned. Frame sliders = good.

I believe I was one of 3 that dropped their bike that day, with no majorly bad results.

I got the bike back up easily, did go back and check out the covered bridge (got another picture), then went back to the lodge to relax.

The pool was something like 97 degrees during the day, and hadn't dropped that much by night. It seemed like everybody eventually climbed in. And took their clothes off. [info]nchanter was proud that I had some influence in that.

The meals we were served (two breakfasts and a dinner) were wonderful.

There was no snoring keeping me up at all either night, which was incredible (I had ear plugs near by at all times).

Sunday morning I followed twins back to boston. The ride lived up to their reputation in my mind. It was all beautiful (no major highways until we were real close to Boston). Some of it was pretty scary, right at my limits, and my speedometer explored new regions. That ride home must have been the most fun riding I've done. I was keeping up until, I don't remember the highway number, but it was beautiful, and curvy, and no traffic, and... very bumpy. When I bounced a bit too close to the outside I hung back a bit (and honestly, the ride got more pleasant for me).

I was again very thankful Wil helped me do the front valve/springs/oil in my SV, and had a better understanding of why I might put a pensky in the rear.

As we were getting close to home I finally remembered at an appropriate time to try my frame sliders as highway pegs. It was actually a nice option to have for a few minutes. But certainly not for any long period of time.

When I got home [info]nchanter was quite bouncy and happy to see me. I really need to get her to one of these things some day. She was thinking about coming up in her car this time.

Maybe I'll bring her out when I get my next bike and put hard bags on it. That seems likely to happen well before she gets her own.

A Triumph Sprint ST was looking really nice to me, as I was wondering around the parking area. I'd read some about them, and really liked what I heard. My biggest objection was the single swingarm. I've been accused of being too obsessed with symmetry in the past, but this seemed like a structurally horrible idea. Sure, you could reinforce it enough to be sound, but it would end up weighing more. Right ? But my biggest objection was that I wouldn't be able to use the same race stand on a Sprint as I could on my SV (which I plan to keep). The ST's owner completely solved this problem by telling me all Sprints have center stands, which completely eliminate the need for a race stand, and let me try the stand out.

I've done a bit more reading since I got home. I really want an blue '05 Sprint ST (they changed them this year). I realize they tend to cook right thighs, and the seat is suboptimal, but I want one (even though Sargent doesn't seem to make a seat for them yet, and Corbin's is leather and ugly, both of which are unacceptable). Maybe around February - whenever the prices are best. Did they get changed at all for '06 ?

Part of my interest is improved 2 up riding. A lot of my interest is more displacement. Actually, this says it best:

"I can't imagine even wanting a GSX-R if I had an ST" - MT on efnet #motorcycles

I want an '05 GSX-R1000, but I want something comfortable enough to actually ride.

  • Wow. How far up 100 did you end up going? That's a gorgeous road, I went up there in 1991, to the Texas Falls campground for the national Rainbow Gathering.
    • I rode 100 from North Adams MA (where it starts as 8 and becomes 100 at the border) to Stowe VT, where I turned left on 108. So about 160 miles. Yeah it was very nice.
  • Awesomly good time!

    Sounds like you need an adventure bike like Bimmer R1200GS or a KLR650 or a streetized XR650R...
    • Yup, lots of fun.

      And yeah, I expect I could have fun with one of those kind of bikes. Maybe I'll get one of those for my third :)

      But I want to find more places to play in the dirt. I haven't done nearly enough of it on my SV.
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