changed a bunch of things

changed a bunch of things

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A few days ago I gave up on the Linux console and moved everything over to X (I'm doing everything graphically instead of in text, basically, now).

Last night I did significant laundry and cleaning of my room.

Today I... significantly changed the way I read email... I set up imap and am using a graphical email client (thunderbird) for the first time ever. More of the first point I guess. (I still set up mutt to work with the changes I made.)

And I feel like I've gotten back into lifting, which I'd been slacking on.
  • only about half of that made sense to me, but Good For You on that half.

    I've found myself having more trouble getting motivated the last couple of weeks, and doing good healthy things is therefore harder. So I'm giong to use you as an example, and see if I can't effect some healthy change in me.
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