cingular bill bullshit

cingular bill bullshit

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They charged me $5 for one time I checked my voicemail. And charged me $2 for downloading something I didn't.

But after 21 minutes on the phone with them, they've refunded those charges, and made my voicemail free. Something about voiceconnect news garbage... she kept rambling stuff abouts sports and horiscopes, and I was like "I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about." She said the store must have included it when I bought the phone. I'm guessing it was set by default and with all the shit the sales guy went through to get my internet stuff working he missed unchecking it.


I was about to say if you want to charge me $5 to check my voicemail you can cancel this shit right now.

But they fixed it. And I'm keeping my new phone, which I still like very much.

One of the higher points of having it so far was [info]cathijosephine asking where some icecream place was, and being able to do a google local search for it and give her a useful answer. And being able to pull up local current weather radar is pretty sweet too.
  • Yeah. That was awesome.

    And -highly- amusing.
  • That's what I like about Cingular. They tend to fix problems (relatively) quickly. I've never had a problem with them that hasn't been resolved in one call, even if the call was kind of longish.

    And, the more I hear about that phone model from you and n-tropy, the more I want one. Turns out I'm elgible for a phone upgrade, so I'll have to look into what I can get.
    • Free upgrade costs

      All 3 of my phones were elgible for free upgrades. So I did. All 3. It costs me 18 dollars a phone. They said it was an upgrade fee. I disputed the fees but they stood firm. I asked them what was free about this upgrade. free means free. I'm mad.
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