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I picked up a D-Link DBT-120 USB / Bluetooth adaptor at the apple store. Now my phone can talk wirelessly to any computer with a usb. It's teensy, so I'm keeping it in my pocket.

I installed Sony Ericsson's windows apps, synced my contacts with outlook under windows, then under linux I followed this DBT-120 Linux guide and synced my contacts with Evolution.

I can sync, and browse the filesystem on my phone, from a computer in my dinigroom, when my phone is charging in my bedroom.

I typed up my whole phonebook from my old phone into outlook because I couldn't find the data cable to sync it. Wasn't too bad, at least I didn't have to type it on a phone keypad. But I'll never have to do that again.
  • I'm glad your enjoying it.
    I loved my old t610 but my new s710 is just SOOOOOOO much nicer :D
    Once I got spoiled with bt I don't want to go back to a crappy phone again.
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