Bar loading cheet sheet generator
Select the plates you have available, it will tell you the most efficient way to load them on the bar for all possible weights.
1-10 rep max calculator
Enter your maximum amount lifted for some number of reps, it'll print your max for all numbers of reps from 1 to 10, and some useful percentages of your one rep max.
Target waist size calculator
Enter your height and neck measurements, get a list of waist sizes corresponding to body fat percentage. Based on DoD formula
Daily Target Weight Calculator
Enter your current and target weights along with weight loss rate per week, and it will give you daily targets.
pounds to kilograms conversion table
Convert decimal cups to cups, 1/4 cups, tablespoons, etc.



graph of my one rep maxes Graph of my waist measurements and one rep maxes (squat, bench press, and deadlift)

my home gym My home gym: +$38.75 tax and $120 shipping
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