slr95 On 9/7/01 I began trying to get an SLR95 (a semi-auto AK-47 variant) from Gordon Technologies. This was delayed a total of 46 days, broken down by the following reasons:

A gun can only legally be shipped to someone who has an FFL (Federal Firearms License). The shipper does not legally need to have an FFL. Because of convenience, and the fact that I have a membership there, I chose to have Gordon Technologies ship the rifle to Classic Pistol, to have Classic Pistol do the FFL transfer to me.

I believe I have taken at least 16 people to shoot at Classic Pistol's gun range for the first time. For all but a couple, it was their first time shooting. At least 3 of them have purchased guns there, and at least 3 have purchased memberships. I have a membership, and have purchased 3 guns and a case of ammunition from them.

The only person whose tone became unprofessional during this was the owner of Classic Pistol.

In the following description of this ordeal, I omitted a number of emails and phone calls that were fruitless (where I got no new information).

9/7/01 I emailed Jerry at Gordon Technologies (Gordon Technologies) and told him I was interested in purchasing an SLR95.
9/8/01 I recieved email from Jerry saying that he still had SLR95s available.
9/13/01 (6 day delay making arrangements with Gordon Technologies's)
I recieved a call back from Jerry, we agreed on a price, etc. I called Classic Pistol, and asked what I needed to do with them. They said just bring in a money order to pay Gordon Technologies, and they'd send their FFL to Gordon Technologies. I couldn't get the money order that day, due to bank inconveniences.
9/14/01 (1 day delay by me to get money order)
I obtained the money order and stopped by Classic Pistol on the way to work. John Ricco at Classic Pistol then informed me that he would not send their FFL to Gordon Technologies without a faxed copy of Gordon Technologies's FFL. It would have been nice to have known this the day before, when I asked what needed to be done. I left the money order at Classic Pistol, to be sent with their FFL when this issue was resolved. I asked Jerry to fax his FFL to Classic Pistol. Jerry refused, saying that this was an unreasonable request, and that he'd talk to Classic Pistol. Note that the point at which I got the money order is when I paid the money for the rifle.
? Jerry faxed his FFL to Classic Pistol.
9/18/01 (5 day delay by Classic Pistol policy I was unaware of)
Classic Pistol sent their FFL to Jerry.
9/21/01 (3 day estimated delay due to shipping FFL)
Estimated arrival of Classic Pistol's FFL at Gordon Technologies.
9/24/01 I recieved email from Jerry saying he'd give me an update on shipping my rifle on 9/26/01.
9/27/01 I left voicemail for Jerry asking for an update.
10/01/01 I left voicemail for Jerry asking for an update.
10/2/01 I Called Classic Pistol and confirmed that they had not yet recieved my rifle. I Called Gordon Technologies, and was told that my rifle would be shipped that day by priority mail, and I should have it by 10/5/01 or 10/8/01.
10/3/01 (11 day estimated delay by Gordon Technologies's unavailability)
I recieved email from Jerry saying it was shipped that morning (10/3/01).
10/5/01 I Called Classic Pistol, rifle had not yet arrived.
10/7/01 This was one month after I begain attempting to get this rifle.
10/9/01 (6 day delay due to shipping)
I called Classic Pistol around 2:15pm, they said they had my rifle. They asked when I'd arrive, I said around 4pm, they said that was fine. I drove there from work and got there probably around 3pm - I had not notified them of my change in plans because I did not realize there might be significant paperwork or problems to take care of before I arrived. About 15 minutes after I arrived they told me they could not legally transfer my rifle to me without an official copy of Gordon Technologies's FFL. I believe this is a lie. Note, also, that they did have a faxed copy of Gordon Technologies's FFL from before. Most of all, I would prefer to have had them tell me or the shipper of this store policy before the rifle was shipped. Preferably the day before I gave them my money order, when I called to ask what needed to be done. I drove back to work. I left Jerry voicemail and sent him email asking him to send an official copy of his FFL to Classic Pistol. I called Classic Pistol and gave them Jerry's phone number again. I got email from Jerry saying that Classic Pistol could legally transfer the rifle to me, but that he was sending them an official copy of his FFL anyway.
10/15/01 Since Classic Pistol said they had not yet received Gordon Technologies's FFL, I called Jerry and asked him when and how he had sent his FFL to Classic Pistol. He basically said "I don't know, I'll send another" (by "priority mail or something").
10/17/01 I called Classic Pistol to ask if they'd gotten Gordon Technologies's FFL yet. The person I talked to told me "The owner said in a frustrated voice 'no, we still haven't gotten it, maybe they need to send another'". I told them Jerry told me he did 2 days ago, by priority mail.
10/19/01 I called Classic Pistol, they still haven't recieved Gordon Technologies's FFL. The USPS says their Priority Mail is a 2-3 day service. Jerry had said he was sending Classic Pistol their FFL for the 2nd time 4 days ago, so I called Jerry, and left voicemail.
10/22/01 (13 day delay by Classic Pistol policy I was unaware of)
I recieved voicemail from Classic Pistol between 1 and 2 pm: "we got gordon technologies' ffl, you can come pick up your gun". By 4pm it was in my posession.
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 18:15:56 -0400
To: Gordon Technologies <>, Classic Pistol <>
Subject: web page about obtaining my SLR95

I've written the following web page detailing the events involved in obtaining my SLR95, which involved both of you:

I encourage you to proofread for accuracy, and I am open to suggestions for changes in wording.

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