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Classic Pistol

I have heard numerous people comment that Classic Pistol is the nicest range in the Philadelphia area. It is indoor, well ventilated, and the target holding things work well. The employees are nice and helpful. Their ammo prices are reasonable. They have 15 lanes, 5 of which long guns are allowed in (at an extra price), including full-auto and shotguns. They are also a small gun shop. They carry everything you would need for a day at the range, including reasonably priced ammo. They have a nice selection of guns for sale and rental - including 2 H&K MP5s, and a Thompson.I bought a 1 year membership, and I've purchased 3 of my 4 guns there.

I originally discovered CP while looking for local IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) competitions - which CP hosts every 3rd Tuesday of the month.

I have had quite an ordeal trying to get an SLR95 through them. As a result, I intend to give them as little of my business as possible.

Nockamixon Park free outdoor range

Doug recently introduced me to a wonderful phenominon - a free outdoor range near Nockamixon Park. It's on route 563, north of route 313. It is hard to find. You can set up targets at 25, 50, and 100 yards. Hours are 8am - sunset mon-fri, and noon - sunset on sunday. There is no staff. The people there were friendly and seemed sufficiently safety concious. The target holding things work well - they are some kind of heavy fabric hanging from boards - you need to bring tacks or a staple gun (I purchased a staple gun becaue of this place). Probably the worst part about this range is a requirement that you have no more than 3 rounds loaded at a time, but I consider this quite a reasonable price to pay for an otherwise free range. The range technically has nothing to do with Nockamixon park, it is part of the state game lands, but the Nockamixon Park folks seem to have better info on it than the Game Commision.

Contact info for the Nockamixon range:

Pennsylvania Game Commision: (610) 926-3136
Nockamixon State Park: (215) 529-7300

Water & Wings

9173 Janes Ln
East Greenville, PA 18041
(215) 679-6633

It used to be called "Twin S". Costs $15 per person per day (memberships are available). They have a short range where you can set up targets any where up to and including, I believe 50 yards. This is where I began sighting in. They have another range where we spent most of our time where you can set up targets every 100 yards up to 500. Doug and barry brought a bunch of water filled plastic bottles. I mostly shot at paper targets, trying to perfect my scope adjustments. The worst part about the range is the backstops - they have some rather beat up palates that you can attach targets to (with dirt mounds behind them). The best part was that the benches have a roof over them. It rained pretty substantially for a short time while we were there. We and our guns stayed completely dry and continued shooting. It may have occurred to you that 500 yards is really long - there's a stone covered road you're allowed to drive down to set up your targets, which is.. quite thoughtful.

They also have a very nice skeet shooting set up with at least 4 very substantial pigeon launchers, which I must try sometime. It costs significantly more than the rifle range to use.

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