Some of these I have, the rest I find interesting.
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Pic Cal. Cap. Description
my Mossberg 590 mossberg* 12ga 8+1 Mossberg 590 shotgun (part #50665) - 20" barrel, heat shield, parkerized. Beautiful brute force. Considering getting it a bayonet.
Kimber Compact* .45ACP 6+1 Kimber 1911 Compact in black steel. 4" barrel. I love it. Comfortable to wear (especially in a Milt Sparks Watch Six Dual Talon holster). I have a target hanging on my living room wall with a 3" group of 6 rounds shot at 25 yards, standing, unsupported. My best so far. I've been told it would do about 2" groups at 25 yards in a ransom rest.
<Darxus> and the piece of paper on the wall over there, shot at 25y, has 6 holes in a 3" group fired from it
<|BigBob> heh
<|BigBob> cool
<runic> offhand?
<Darxus> standing
<Darxus> I dunno what you call it
<runic> holding it, otherwise unsupported
<Darxus> yes
<runic> damn
<runic> I wish I could do that
kel-tec P32* Kel-Tec P-32* .32ACP 7+1 Kel-Tec P32 in black. Very cute. Half the weight of its closest competitor. It's most annoying characteristic is that its ammo is semi-rimmed, which means you can get a rimlock jam, which takes about 3 hands to clear.
This company has a respectable following in the form of the Kel-Tec Owners Group.
my 700P Remington 700P* .308 Win. 5 Remington 700P bolt action hunting rifle. 0.75" diameter groups at 100 yards from a bench rest.
my SLR95 SLR95* 7.62x39mm 30 An SLR95, which is a Bulgarian copy of an AK-47 With a milled reciever, Steyr barrel, and sporterized stock. I hope to get groups about 3.5" in diameter at 100 yards.
My reasons for preferring the AK-47 over other assault rifles is well summarized in this comment by one who prefers ARs (like the m16):
<bliorg> sure, the AR will jam if you pack it full of dirt.. but it has a better system for keeping dirt out, more user friendly, etc. etc.... and AK's are for 3rd world hacks who clean their rifles with goat piss
<bliorg> ...but, you can pack it full of mud and it won't jam.
I've been having quite an ordeal trying to obtain an SLR95.
Air Pistol* pellets ? IZH-46M Air Pistol - for plinking in the basement, probably from Pilk.
flare gun * 12ga 1 flare gun - possibly an Orion 12ga Alerter
BFG-50* .50BMG 1 The BFG-50.. long range anti-material rifle.
.410 5 Thunder5 .410ga revolver
carbon 15 21S .223 30 Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 21S Pistol, AR-15 based handgun
* Asterisks by pictures are links to their sources.

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