Installing a Mojo AKM aperture (peep) sight on an SLR95 (AK-47)

I got my Mojo AKM aperture (peep) sight today, 10 days after I ordered it using paypal. I installed it in my SLR95 (Bulgarian AK-47 with a milled reciever). The sight picture is MUCH cleaner, as I expected - the blur from the rear sight being out of focus when I focus on the front sight is nolonger a problem as it was with the original notch rear sight. Hopefully I'll get to a range soon to zero the thing in.

But the installation was ridiculous. It literally took me one hour and 15 minutes (7:05pm to 8:20pm), using several kinds of screwdrivers and pliers, a bunch of duct tape, and a cat brush, and my hands hurt.

I would have to say the most useful tool in the process was the cat brush. It has a fairly sturdy wooden handle, the bottom of which I thoroughly duct taped the sight to. I couldn't put enough force on the thing at the right angle without it.

Problem was, pushing down on the detent (near where it pivots) and pushing the thing straight in as hard as humanly possible does not work. Contrary the instructions, I strongly recommend that people remove the spring (with pliers, it's easy to remove and put back in) to see what it takes to get the thing to fit in without the resistance of the spring before trying to force it in with the spring in place. I had to lift my sight up maybe half an inch at the back, and apply a lot of force (with the spring in). If I had not removed the spring and proved to myself that the thing actually could go in, I might very well have given up.

Not surprisingly, the sight is all scraped up. Fortunately, I didn't buy this gun for it's collectors value.

"MOJO sights are easy to install with no special tools..."

I disagree.

Would I buy another Mojo sight if I got another one of these rifles ? I'll let you know after I take it to the range. I think there is a good chance, but it is hard to say since I don't know what other aperture sights are available for an AK.

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