DNSWL spam reporting script


It is very important that you only use this script when you are certain you never get email from a trusted relay, like a proxy or mailing list server. Otherwise this script will report your trusted relays as spammers.

There is a SpamAssassin plugin, which handles trusted relays.

This script reads a spam email on standard input and reports it to DNSWL.org.

This requires creating a DNSWL abuse reporter account.
( http//www.dnswl.org / Report Abuse, Register as Reporter )

You need to create a configuration file $HOME/.dnswl_autoreportrc like:
$address = 'email@example.com';
$password = 'password';

Output tells you what IP address you reported, so you can verify it is correct.

You can also check your DNSWL abuse report history.
( http//www.dnswl.org / Report Abuse, Report / History )
It also shows the domain we believe owns the reported IP. Requires logging in with the username and password created above. Unfortunately Unlisted IPs are not recorded, or shown on this page.

Change History

2011-02-21 Initial release.

Fri Feb 10 15:58:25 EST 2012
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