DNSWL spam reporting plugin for SpamAssassin


Adds DNSWL to the services which receive a report via the command "spamassassin --report" (or -r). (In addition to DCC, Pyzor, Razor, and SpamCop).

It is very important that you use SpamAssassin's internal_networks and trusted_relay settings to indicate any trusted relays, such as proxies or mailing list servers. Otherwise you'll report your trusted relays as spammers.

There is also a script which does not depend on SpamAssassin.

This requires creating a DNSWL abuse reporter account.
( http//www.dnswl.org / Report Abuse, Register as Reporter )

Put DNSWLh.pm in something like /usr/share/perl5/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/

Add to your spamassassin config ($HOME/.spamassassin/user_prefs):

loadplugin Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::DNSWLh
dnswl_address user@example.com
dnswl_password yourpassword
internal_networks [IPs you control]
trusted_networks [IPs you have asked to relay mail to you, like proxies and mailing list servers]

trusted_networks docs: network test options, trust path.

Output tells you what IP address you reported, so you can verify your internal_networks / trusted_networks is configured correctly. Output looks like:

Successfully reported to DNSWL Current trust level is:
1 message(s) examined.

You can also check your DNSWL abuse report history.
( http//www.dnswl.org / Report Abuse, Report / History )
It also shows the domain we believe owns the reported IP. Requires logging in with the username and password created above. Unfortunately Unlisted IPs are not recorded, or shown on this page.


This thing is quite solidly done. It has been tested. Updates are inactive because there are none left to make. - 2012-02-10

Change History

2010-02-26 Initial release.
2010-02-27 Consider report successful if reported IP was Unlisted.
2010-02-28 State if reported IP was Unlisted.
2010-03-02 Show the IP reported to DNSWL.

Fri Feb 10 15:57:28 EST 2012
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