Thumbnail resizes images down to a maximum of 10,000 pixels (equivalent to a 100x100 image), so that each thumbnail has the same amount of detail, reguardless of its dimesions. Requires ImageMagick.

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The guts:

$newx = int($x / (sqrt($x * $y) / sqrt($pixelcount)));
$newy = int($y / (sqrt($x * $y) / sqrt($pixelcount)));

If this inspires you to use a similar calculation for resizing images, please consider giving me credit.

In my opinion, the functionality of this script ought to be implemented as a commandline option within the program convert (part of ImageMagick). Something like:

convert --pixels 10000 original.jpg thumbnail.jpg

"Added @ to the image geometry specification. Use it to specify the square-root of the maximum area in pixels of an image (suggested by" -, imagemagick developer, Thu, 2 Aug 2001 12:35:39 -0400 (EDT).

Woohoo ! I've succeded in getting my thumbnail script obsoleted !! :)

Thanks to Leonard Rosenthol for relaying this request.

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