sig2dot Useage

$ gpg --list-sigs --keyring ./phillylinux.gpg | ./ >
$ neato -Tps >
$ dot -Tps >
$ convert phillylinux.neato.jpg
$ convert -geometry 320x240 phillylinux.neato.320.jpg

Note: I have found that generating postscript output with neato (with -Tps) and then converting it to a more common image format with convert (part of imagemagick), as I did in the above example, results in nicer images than directly generating gif output with neato (with -Tgif). This method also avoids common font problems with -Tgif.

Commandline Arguments

-b Black and white / do not colorize.
-d <date> Render graph as it appeared on <date> (ignores more recent signatures). Date must be in the format "YYYY-MM-DD". Will also ignore keys that have since been revoked.

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