Darxus' trust graph

Your own personal Web of Trust graph


Running this script with your email address as an argument will create a graph of your key and all the keys that have signed your key. It requires that gpg, sig2dot.pl, and neato (part of graphviz) be in your path, and that you have a keyserver set in your ~/.gnupg/options file.

For example:

$ ls
$./trustgraph.sh darxus@chaosreigns.com
$ ls 
As you can see, it created 4 files.

darxus@chaosreigns.com.gpg is a keyring file containing my key and all those which have signed my key.
darxus@chaosreigns.com.ids is a list of the key IDs of my key and all those who have signed it.
darxus@chaosreigns.com.ps is a graph of the signature relationships between my key and all those who have signed it.
stats.html is a graph if signature counts (only counting signatures from within this keyring file).

I recommend viewing the postscript (.ps) graph with gv, but you can also convert it to a jpeg using convert, which is part of imagemagick like this:

convert darxus@chaosreigns.com.ps darxus@chaosreigns.com.jpg

The postscript file is much better detail and smaller than the jpeg.

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