Graphing the Debian Keyring Web of Trust

Inspired by an old thread (Message-ID: <>) on the debian-devel mailing list started by Joey Hess <> graphing the debian-keyring in 1998, I set out to do the same myself with the current keyring and available packages. I wrote perl programs to parse the output of the debian-keyring to the file format for each of the graphing programs I could find. You could use these to graph any gpg keyring file, and is used by several groups to graph the results of their keysigning parties.

In decreasing order of how much I liked the results: debian-keyring-core.neato.320.jpg

Parser Output PostScript Smaller Output Jpeg Huge Output Jpeg
neato (126k) debian-keyring.neato.1024.jpg (24k, 1018x768) debian-keyring.neato.jpg (940k, 8211x6192)
dot (155k) (56k, 1024x367) (1444k, 6927x2485)
vcg (596k)
daVinci (420k)

Here's a smaller (56k, 1002x1107) zoomed out shot of the core of neato's output: debian-keyring-core.neato.png.
I recommend viewing the PostScript files with gv because they are big.
Output is from the 2000.08.30 keyring. It is my intention to keep these files up to date.
(dot and neato are both part of graphviz, and have the same input file format.)
As Joey Hess did, the arrows in my graphs are pointing from signer to signee.

debian-keyring debian-keyring_2000.08.30_all.deb
debian keyring signatures debian.sigs
signatures parsed for dot
graph of signature counts stats.html (producted by sig2dot)

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