sig2dot GPG/PGP Keyring Graph Generator can be used to generate a graph of all of the signature relationships in a GPG/PGP keyring, like those resulting from keysigning parties, or the Debian Keyring (of all Debian developers). It converts the output of "gpg --list-sigs" to a .dot file, which is a graph definition that can be rendered by springgraph or graphviz. sig2dot is released under the GPL.

(Also available in the Debian archives.)

Of course, I recommend using sig2dot with springgraph, which I recently wrote as a replacement for neato, specifically for use with sig2dot, but sig2dot has not been modified since I started writing springgraph. Compare the output for yourself.

"Nothing gets people's interest peaked like colorful graphics. Therefor, graphing the web of trust in your local area as you build it can help motivate people to participate as well as giving everyone a clear sense of what's being accomplished as things progress."

Pages that use sig2dot:
Philadelphia Linux Keysigning Parties
(Top thumbnail is from neato (which is part of graphviz), bottom thumbnail is from springgraph)
* New York Linux User's Group (NYLUG) Keysignings
* Sydney Linux Users Group (SLUG) Keysignings
* Phil's web of trust
* Stefanus Du Toit's web of trust
* Lysator Keysigning Party (original Swedish)
Caristudenti dotCaristudenti neato Caristudenti Project's Web of Trust
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