dlkern, the linux kernel downloader

dlkern is better than manual downloading because: Features:
This program was mentioned in the February 2001 issue of Linux Journal (issue 82) - a print magazine.

But WHY?

When I started writing this in 1999, you couldn't just go to http://www.kernel.org/ and click a kernel version and immediately start downloading a tarball (1999 archive). I like to think that the effort I put into writing dlkern caused someone to realise the need for the work that resulted in the very helpful links they have there today.

Back then you had to ftp in, and burrow through the archive directory structure. I do believe I got lost a few times. But most of all it was tedious. I hate tedious.

So I wrote dlkern as a simple script to do my downloading for me. And then it just kept getting more and more robust until it was actually recommended in a real print magazine.

Then I abandoned it for 4 years. Then when I dusted it off, much to my amazement, it still worked. Then I added the patch downloading ability.

Perhaps some day soon you will be able to run dlkern nightly from cron to keep your kernel source tree up to date with no interaction required from you.
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