example: ttysnoop-0.12c.jpg


Generates a graph of the #include relationships within a C source tree using graphviz.

This project has been taken over by francis@flourish.org with my full blessing. Current versions can be found here.

Old versions can be found here.

program graphviz input graphviz output PS output small JPEG ouput huge JPEG
ttysnoop-0.12c ttysnoop-0.12c.dot ttysnoop-0.12c.ps ttysnoop-0.12c.1024.jpg (25k, 422x768) ttysnoop-0.12c.jpg (109k, 1079x1960)
bochs-2000_0325a bochs-2000_0325a.dot bochs-2000_0325a.ps bochs-2000_0325a.1024.jpg (73k, 844x768) bochs-2000_0325a.jpg (887k, 3398x3089)
aalib-1.3 aalib-1.3.dot aalib-1.3.ps aalib-1.3.1024.jpg (98k, 835x768) aalib-1.3.jpg (435k, 1960x1802)
graphviz-1.6 graphviz-1.6.dot graphviz-1.6.ps
chess-5.00 chess-5.00.dot chess-5.00.ps chess-5.00.1024.jpg (53k, 818x768) chess-5.00.jpg (192k, 1813x1701)
lame3.51 lame3.51.dot lame3.51.ps lame3.51.1024.jpg (47k, 690x768) lame3.51.jpg (352k, 2355x2621)
xboard-4.0.7 xboard-4.0.7.dot xboard-4.0.7.ps xboard- (102k, 895x768) xboard-4.0.7.jpg (627k, 2396x2056)
xmms-1.0.1 xmms-1.0.1.dot xmms-1.0.1.ps xmms- (93k, 707x768) xmms-1.0.1.jpg (792k, 2329x2527)

If you would like to send me output to add to this table, please include the program name, version number, a url, and at least the PostScript output.

PostScript output was generated like so:

$ cd ~/program/src
$ ./cinclude2dot.pl > source.dot
$ neato -Tps source.dot > source.ps
$ gv source.ps

JPEGs were created with ImageMagick like this:

$ convert bochs-2000_0325a.ps bochs-2000_0325a.jpg
$ convert -geometry 1024x768 bochs-2000_0325a.ps bochs-2000_0325a.1024.jpg

Other Graph Generators

apache2dot Graph links as they are followed within your website.
sig2dot Graph signature relationships in a gpg keyring.

If you have suggestions for other data that might be graphed this way, please email me.

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