Boston Herp Resources

New England Herpetological Society: Meets every second Sunday, except holidays, in Wemouth MA.
MassWildlife's State Reptiles & Amphibians List
Keeping Captive / Exotic Wildlife from MassWildlife
Harvard Department of Herpetology
New England Reptile Distributors: Closest herp shop, Plaistow, NH.

Massachusetts herp vets:

Only Boston area vet recommendation I've seen is:
Connie Orcutt
Angell Mem Animal Hospital
350 South Huntington Avenue
Boston MA 02130

Complete list of herps that can be legally kept in Massachusetts without a MassWildlife permit (which is only available to Educational and Research institutions) as of March 16, 2005
  • All species of boas and pythons, regardless of size, except rare species, and those listed as Unlawful
  • Shield-tailed Snakes and Sunbeam Snakes;
  • Worm Snakes (except rare species), Thread Snakes, and related species;
  • Several so-called "harmless" snakes, including Brown and Redbellied Snakes, Garter and Ribbon Snakes, Glossy Snakes, Green Snakes, House Snakes, Kingsnakes and Milksnakes, Rat Snakes (except rare species), Water Snakes, the Western Hognosed Snake and certain others.
  • All skinks (including the Solomon Islands Prehensile-Tailed Tree Skink) rare species, and skinks listed below as unlawful.
  • False Club-tailed Lizards, Girdle-tailed Lizards, Plated Lizards, and Rock Lizards;
  • Most Teiid Lizards;
  • Some Lacertid Lizards and Lateral-fold Lizards;
  • All Gekkos except rare species and the Big Bend Gekko;
  • Several iguanids, including Basilisks, Collared and Leopard Lizards, Common (Green) Iguana, False Iguana, New World Chameleons, Spiny Lizards, and Tree and Bush Lizards;
  • Some Agamid Lizards, such as the Water Dragon, and most Night Lizards.
Amphibians: All non-rare amphibians.
Turtles: All non-rare turtles and tortoises except: the Argentine (Chaco) Tortoise, Gopher Tortoises and related species, and the Pancake Tortoise.
Crocodilians: None. may be a good source for non-adult feeders.

Looking for info on local vendors of non-adult feeders, and herp breeders.