My little tastes of immortality

in chronological order.

6/25/96 I created the first smooth-panning scope in a First Person Shooter (Quake1), called qscope.scr. Code from this was used in many many quake scripts that followed, and id finally implimented a built-in scope in quake3.

Let me restate clearly: before this, there were no scopes in first person shooters - other than, I believe 1, which, because it flipped immediately from normal to full zoom without panning, caused too much disorientation to be useable.

There was no programing language available to write this in - it was written as a series of keybindings.
I got this flag added to cdparanoia:
       -X --abort-on-skip
              If the read skips due to imperfect data, a scratch,
              whatever,  abort  reading this track.  If output is
              to a file, delete the partially completed file. article on Philiadelphia Linux Keysignings.
9/19/2000 Debian Weekly News article on sig2dot.
9/19/2000 Kernel Cousin Debian thread on sig2dot.
February 2001, Linux Journal (print magazine) mentions dlkern - issue 82.
July 2001, Linux Journal (print magazine) mentions speechd - issue 87.
I got this added to imagemagick/convert:
Added @ to the image geometry specification. Use it to specify the square-root of the maximum area in pixels of an image (suggested by
- the imagemagick changelog

..thus obsoleting my thumbnail script. Thanks to Leonard Rosenthol for relaying this request, and to for implimenting it.
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